• End-to-End solution for Solar PV Project till Evacuation point.
  • Optimal Technical Solutions matching the generation estimates.
  • Best engineering practices providing reliable and higher Performance output.
  • High Quality Solar PV Plant as the most of the components is in-house.
  • Long term Reliability in terms of project / plant performance. Our track records stands for itself. Provides the tailor-made EPC solutions for solar developers.
  • Turnkey EPC solution along with Operation & Maintenance
  • Turnkey EPC along with Project financing facilitation
  • Efficient time management in finalizing, ordering & tracking of supplies
  • Demonstrated capability in systems integration: An in-depth knowledge of PV plant design and optimization techniques for a wide spectrum of PV technologies.
  • Pan-India Presence - Projects have been executed in various states in India that has contributed to a deep understanding of local challenges and resolution measures

Experienced Team

Highly experienced Engineering & management team

Engineering Excellence

Focus on value based engineering, design and planning


Re-engineering of complex processes in the most economical manner

Quality Focus

Well-defined and stringent quality standards for supplier selection

Our solutions


  • Resulting in increase in output and reduction in losses
  • Resulting in minimal cost over-run
  • Resulting in cost savings during execution

PV Line Solar


Provide basic design and engineering services, including:

  • Analysis of architectural, electrical and climatologic aspects for each site
  • Detailed irradiation studies as per the site
  • Selection of best possible set up, hereby optimizing the electricity production and financial returns
  • Extensive track record of more than 150 MW designed and engineered solar power plants and rooftops
  • In house PV solutions department, closely following the latest solar market trends and developments, providing PV  Line owned solutions
  • In house engineering team, located in Bangalore, India, fully dedicated to all design and engineering work.
  • Experts in installations for both rooftops and Ground mounted.
  • Basic design including bill of material


  • Site Selection
  • 39 years site radiation analysis [Metronome, Nasa , etc]
  • Shading & tilt analysis [AutoCAD, SketchUp, PVSyst]
  • Solar energy Simulation [PV Syst, PV Sol]
  • System sizing
  • Detailed System Engineering & Design
  • Structural design & analysis [STAAD Pro, AutoCAD, etc]
  • Remote monitoring


German Engineering-Since its foundation, we have been attuning our components to one another perfectly and have been optimizing system design in order to maximize the effectiveness of our photovoltaic systems.

Plant Performance Guarantees: We guarantee a consistently high level of quality, compliance to all schedules, and optimal system performance and also ensure guaranteed energy generation.

Certified Partners: Our products and suppliers are certified according to all important quality specifications and are regularly audited by ourselves and by globally-acknowledged agencies such as TÜV. 

Partner with Tier 1 for Solar Modules: Tier companies Like Chint Solar, Jinko, Trina, Longi, and Vikram Solar for manufacture of solar modules for our projects across global.